Half Life
Developer Valve Software
Publisher Sierra Entertainment
Release Date November 8, 1998
Engine GoldSRC
Gamemodes Single-Player, Multi-Player
Half Life is an FPS released for the PC in 1998 by Valve Software and Sierra Studios. It runs on the GoldSRC engine.


Half-Life is mostly set in a fictional complex called The Black Mesa Research Facility based in New Mexico, the main protaginist Dr. Gordon Freeman is one of the survivors of a experiment that's gone terribly wrong. Gordan then has to make his way out of the ruins of the once Black Mesa Facility but is caught between two sides, The HECU (Hazardous.Enviroment.Combat.Unit) and some hostile aliens. Thoughout the game Gordan is being monitored by a mysteryous figure (referred to as G-Man.) Ultimately, Freeman has to team-up with fellow survivors to work their way to the Lambda Complex, where Freeman is teleported to the alien world Xen to kill the Nihilanth, the final boss, and close the rift between Xen and Earth.

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